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What do people think about the SafeKnight app

We have compiled a number of quotes about SafeKnight and included them below -

“In Sian’s case we will of course never know if she’d had SafeKnight on her phone and used it would it have saved her, but it could have and that ‘COULD HAVE’ makes SafeKnight extremely worthwhile. The more it is known and used, the more effective it will be to personal safety and to society as a whole”
Elaine O’Callaghan, mother of Sian

“I can see a real place for an app like this. Obviously you hope never to need it and it shouldn’t open the door to complacency, but if on that one occasion you do need it, SafeKnight could quite literally be a lifesaver”
Kate Russell, BBC Click

“Easy to use and right in the palm of your hand, SafeKnight is a fantastic tool that gives peace of mind to those who find themselves in everyday, but potentially vulnerable situations. I am confident that this will prove valuable in helping people stay safe"
Justin Tomlinson, MP

“Being a parent I could instantly appreciate the importance of SafeKnight in today’s society. I truly believe that we can help prevent serious crimes and I am honoured to be part of SafeKnight’s vision”
Scott Parker, Tottenham and England footballer

"Over 250,000 people go missing each year in the UK alone, with some disappearing for decades. Among them are people like Melanie Hall, last seen in a Bath nightclub in 1996, whose parents had to endure 13 years of waiting and wondering before her remains were found beside the M5. She had been murdered. SafeKnight is a brilliant app that can be used in place of your phone's normal camera and is one of the few safety apps aimed at preventing tragic cases, such as Melanie Hall and Sian O’Callaghan. The fact that it saves the photograph to your phone and a secure remote location with a GPS fix will really support families and Police in trying to unravel what happened before someone went missing. Child-Safe are proud to be working in partnership with the SafeKnight Foundation on a project aimed at saving lives"
Chris Gould, chairman of Child-Safe and retired Detective Chief Superintendent

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