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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should I tell that I’ve got SafeKnight?

A: It is crucial that you tell your next of kin you have SafeKnight on your phone just in case anything happens to you. Please also tell everybody you feel would benefit from having the app, as the more people who know about SafeKnight, the more effective a preventative tool it will become.

Q: What should they do if I go missing?

A: They should follow the standard procedures and report it to the police as soon as possible. Make sure they notify them that you are a SafeKnight user, and explain to the police to contact Securist directly for quick access to your stored information.

Q: When would I use SafeKnight?

A: This is entirely dependent on your lifestyle, but we feel most people would have a use for the app. If there is ever a situation in your life where you would like to securely chronicle what you see and where you are, even if just for peace of mind, then SafeKnight is the solution.

Q: Who is SafeKnight for?

A: We have tried to ensure that SafeKnight is available to as many people as possible, so we can create a safer environment for users of all ages. Even if you only use it once in your lifetime, SafeKnight is a free app, so the reassurance it provides is certainly worth having.

Q: How can SafeKnight help me?

A: Ultimately our aim is to increase your personal safety and give you peace of mind, in any situation that you feel uneasy. As a preventative measure for example, we feel that potential attackers would question their intentions knowing that specific information has been stored on a remote database.

Q: What if I am being attacked?

A: Call the police, scream, run! SafeKnight has not been designed as a panic alarm or a tool to stop crimes in progress. We do not consider SafeKnight as a substitute for standard protocol in extreme situations and emergencies.

Q: What information will be recorded?

A: If anything happens to a person who has used SafeKnight then highly specific information will be held remotely, even if their phone is lost or stolen. This information would include their last whereabouts, the time they were there, and a photograph of something they felt was significant.

Q: Who will see my information?

A: Nobody will, unless you or your next of kin wish them to. Even then it will only be made available to you and, where appropriate, the police or other investigatory services. Photos are also stored on your phone’s library, so requests for information should only be made in extreme circumstances.

Q: Could the information be used as admissible evidence?

A: Very unlikely, but we are not suggesting users take photos of crimes in progress. If a SafeKnight user goes missing or suffers an assault then the information recorded on our secure database could be a vital clue. However, it is not actual evidence of a crime being committed.

Q: What are the ongoing costs?

A: SafeKnight compresses images and sends them via your mobile internet connection. Therefore you shouldn’t incur any costs if you have internet charges included in your price plan. If you don’t have internet included in your price plan, you should expect each file sent to be approximately 0.2MB.

Q: Why don’t I just text a photo to a friend?

A: SafeKnight has many advantages over just texting a friend – it is a quicker process, includes more information and enables you to take multiple photos. It also means that you don’t risk waking people up and leaving them worried, when you are merely taking precautions.

Q: Why not update my location and photos through a social network?

A: This is also more time consuming than using SafeKnight, which does everything at the click of one button. You could also be unwittingly broadcasting your vulnerability and location to a much wider audience than SafeKnight’s secure database.
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